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For purchasing If You Love Them Leave Them Lists

As we mentioned in the comments about the lists in the book, eBooks are not structured to allow downloading the lists or filling in content. The lists for sale here can be used either as static forms that you print and fill in by hand or as dynamic PDFs that you can complete on your computer or tablet.

Our warning cannot be repeated often enough: we strongly recommend that any format of the information you record, whether you do it on your computer or tablet, be kept offline – on a USB key, for example, or printed and kept in a binder. No data repository is completely hack-proof, and this document will (or should) be the most complete picture of your personal and financial life. It is also worth noting that a document security expert we consulted said that if he passed away tomorrow, his spouse would look for paper first, not at his computer.

Payments are processed via PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to pay with a credit card on PayPal.  After purchase you will see a screen with the lists. The download button is the arrow at the upper right next to the printer icon.

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